Clear out tooth ache at night

A toothache at night is nightmarish. It will disrupt your sleep and thus can have many adverse consequences. Here introduce some home treatments that you can try to ward off the pain.


Pain management
– The treatment usually involves pain management and the few ways to reduce the pain includes:
– Using pain relievers: certain medications such as the aspirin and ibuprofen can give relief from minor teeth pain.
– Use numbing cream for pain killing: it can help to suppress the pain long enough for you to fall asleep.
– Keep your head elevated: By doing so will keep the blood from going to your head. If blood happens to rush, it elevates the tooth pain and possibly stays you awake.
– Avoid eating acidic, cold foods before going to bed: These foods will worsen your teeth and the cavities that have formed. Try to avoid these foods.
– Rinse your teeth with mouthwash. Using the mouthwash that comprises alcohol will help to both sterilize and numb your teeth.
– Use an ice pack before bed. Applying an icepack wrapped in a cloth in the painful side of your mouth. It helps to sooth the pain so you can rest.

Natural remedies for toothaches
There are natural remedies that you can try at home to relieve from the tooth pain. It includes:
– Clove
– Guava leaves
– Pear seed and bark
– Sunflower leaves
– Tobacco leaves
– Garlic
Be careful about any allergies or reactions to the plants or oils used.

What are the causes of toothaches?
Any disorder that affects your teeth or gums will cause the pain. It can also be caused by pain in other parts of your body. However, the common causes include:
– The mouth or jaw injury occurred from physical trauma to the facial area
– Sinus infection is also one among the reason that causes the pain
– Tooth decay affects the nerves in your teeth that may be exposed, causing pain.
– Food or other debris jammed in your teeth can cause pressure between the teeth.
– Temporomandibular joint disorders can also affect your teeth.
– Gum diseases can cause toothaches or pain.
– Grinding at your teeth at night will cause additional pain.

If the pain is out of control even after trying the medications prescribed above, you can rush to your dentist. Depending on what causes the pain, the dentist will prescribe a suitable treatment according to the condition. If you have an injury that forms any crack or chip, they may suggest for tooth filling or root canal option. At the same time, if the pain is due to sinus infection, treatment may be suggested with antibiotics.
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