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Let Your Child Start Brushing Early – A Parent’s Complete Guide

It is very important to keep your child’s teeth health in good condition. Let your child learn good oral hygiene habits at an early age, which is a vital skill they will use throughout their life. Getting your child to start practicing these oral hygiene habits can be difficult. One of the best ways is to involve them in the habit of brushing and flossing along with you and family every day.

Child Dental Health

Why need to start early?

Many parents have the habit of keeping the apprehension that children don’t need to take of their teeth, they will be replaced with permanent teeth later in their life. The fact is that a child’s teeth can have a large impact on how they eat, chew and talk and can even create an influence on how they are permanent grow in. Therefore, taking care of these baby teeth is very important and teaches your child good dental hygiene patterns at an early age, which ensures that they’ll be able to take care of their adult teeth once they do grow in.

By letting them imitate through your good dental practices is one effective way you can help your child to learn early.

How Do You Help Your Child Brush?

As the children don’t know about the importance of brushing, they tend to avoid it more often. The best way is to let them know why brushing teeth are important. You can explain to them that food can get caught in between their teeth and cause damage to their teeth (possibly even cavities) and if it’s not cleaned out by consistent brushing and flossing, it can lead to teeth decay and other dental issues.

Let Them Choose Their Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Now these days, child toothbrushes and pastes come in a way that easily catches the attention of kids. Whenever you do the next shopping together, allow them to choose their favorite character painted brushes and pastes.  By letting them so, they find the brushing more fun and interesting. There is plenty of toothpaste with child-friendly flavors that are less intense than many adult-oriented kinds of toothpaste.

Start a Routine

Following a routine is very important in helping your kid to develop a healthy brushing habit. Having the brushing together in the morning create a cognizance in their mind that I should follow them. Brushing/flossing daily. This way you can inculcate a habit that brings many health outcomes to their teeth.

Provide some motivation

Through motivation, you can bring about changes in their brushing habit. Find out what motivated them and put into effect until they get into the habit of brushing. If they are in arduous search for something they wanted to let’s say, a toy, set up a prize system that they can gain that toy only after brushing teeth twice a day.

If they’re motivated by your praise and approval, make sure to show them how proud of them you are every time they’ve brushed their teeth. Teaching your child good dental hygiene habits can be hard, but when you work together as a family it becomes easier. If you need to know more about the child’s dental health you can consult the dentist at Lakewood Dental Smile.

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