Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Some Important Facts

You might be frightened by the fact that your dentist has referred you to an oral surgeon for some reasons. Your teeth have been creating problems for you for the past few weeks. Now the pain has become unmanageable. Maybe that your jaw is hurt badly and due to this reason only you have been recommended to an oral surgeon.


Does a visit to the dentist make any difference? What does it matter if you need to see an oral or maxillofacial surgeon? How do you know?

The good thing is to consult a dentist when your gums, teeth, and jaws are affected or even in the area around your mouth or face. Most of the issues can be handled by your dentist. If it seems you need to seek consultation with an oral surgeon, he/she will advise one.

What is Oral Surgery?
Oral is associated with your mouth whereas maxillofacial is connected with the jaws and face. If you have been referred to an oral surgeon, it doesn’t mean that you have a serious case to treat. Oral and maxillofacial surgery can correct the deformed parts in the area around your mouth or face. It is great that there is a specialized surgeon who can better treat your case.

But an oral surgeon can help you to correct the issues such as
• Impacted teeth issues: It is the common scenario that happens with the mouth. But it can affect the other parts too. When for the first time the tooth that grows through the gums may get overcrowded, so they don’t come out fully. This leads to infection or sore gums. Your dentist may recommend pulling out the teeth before it becomes a problem.
• Jaw Joint issues: The jaw joint issues can cause jaw-popping, stiffness, and headaches. But in the extreme cases, an oral surgery is recommended.
• Overbite/Underbite: These are the conditions in which the teeth are not properly aligned. It can lead to issues speaking and breathing, plus it can it can lead to crooked or protruding teeth. Luckily, these conditions can be treated, and with braces and other treatment, the teeth can be perfectly aligned.
• Cleft lip and palate surgery: Cleft palate is an inherited deformity that causes various problems and represents a special challenge to the medical community.

There are many other cases that need oral surgery and it includes cancer in the face, jaw or neck area, obstructive sleep apnea and sleep and breathing issues.

Oral Surgery at Lakewood Dental Smile Michigan, USA.
Lakewood Dental Smile has been specialized in treating many diseases and injuries in the jaw and the other hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Besides that, the clinic is specialized in performing regular dental work or oral surgery such as tooth extractions and dental implants.