Broken Front Tooth – What next?

The condition of broken tooth causes distress to many. A broken front tooth limits your ability to talk and eat and there’s the awkwardness that comes from missing such an important part of your smile. If you are serious about your look and smile, it’s important to make a quick decision when you have the broken tooth. Like other medical issues, there are things which you need to consider what to do or what not to do.

The status of your broken front tooth

Here we consider the loss of tooth happened as a result of trauma, not because of the tooth decay. It sounds simple when you hear about the broken tooth. But the fact is that it has its own repercussions and has its own symptoms and treatment plans.

Loose Tooth

The tooth can be lost as a result of taking a hard hit to the mouth which is typically followed by bleeding and a pain. If your tooth is loosened but not knocked out, it doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax. Depending on the strength of the hit, the tooth might have damage to the root or have been pushed into your jaw, neither of which is visible to you.

In these situations, it is important to get the emergency dental treatment soon after your tooth hits hard.

Knocked Out Tooth (Dental Avulsion)

A tooth that’s been completely knocked out, also known as a dental avulsion will result in the bleeding. Much like any other wound, apply pressure to the area to stop the bleeding. Get the emergency treatment with a dentist if the bleeding doesn’t stop within 30 minutes, or if you have a history of problems with clotting after an injury.

If you have the tooth with you, ensure that it is not open to the dust; if possible gently rinse the tooth with water. Ensure that, do not touch or attempt to scrub the root of the tooth.

What to expect at the Dentist?

In most scenarios, the dentist will take X-rays of the affected area to determine the seriousness of the situation, and then accordingly create a treatment plan for a solution based on the severity of the injury. The dentist tries his best level to save the original tooth. For an avulsed tooth, the dentist may try to reinsert the tooth. If the tooth can be reinserted, this is the best case scenario, however, expect a few follow up appointments for the dentist to monitor the healing of the tooth.

If the broken front tooth cannot be saved, the doctor will discuss your options for short and long-term tooth replacement options. These may include a crown, bridge, implant, or partial denture.

Get immediate assistance


Never think the tooth heals on its own after the trauma occurs. Not seeking the medical care can lead to infection and other complex conditions. Lakewood Dental Smile offers immediate assistance in Dearborn, Michigan for patients who need emergency dental service. The center is excellent at offering various other dental treatments.

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