Do I Need a Dentist or Oral Surgeon for Tooth Extractions?

When it comes to tooth extractions, doubt will cast upon on our minds whether to see a dentist or an oral surgeon. The extraction of the tooth is not to be taken lightly, so it’s crucial to pick the right provider for your situation, particularly if it’s an emergency procedure.

Both the dentists and oral surgeons can do the extractions, how do you know whom to choose? The answer depends on what sort of procedure you need to have and how complicated the treatment would be.


The dentist or Oral Surgeon?

Whenever you notice any complication with your teeth, have a visit to your dentist first. The dentist can evaluate the situation and examine if the tooth extraction is required. The consultation may involve the X-rays and a thorough inspection of the affected tooth or teeth.

The dentist may come to a conclusion from the outcomes that if he/she can perform the teeth extraction or need to be referred to an oral surgeon. There are complicated cases in which the extractions can’t be performed with the use of local anesthesia. In those situations, the dentists refer the patients to oral surgeons who can perform the job of tooth extraction.

Reasons to prefer an Oral Surgeon

There are situations in which seeing an oral surgeon is necessary for a successful extraction.

Impacted teeth: if your affected teeth are highly impacted, removing them is somewhat difficult than simply pulling them out. The process involves the use of local anesthesia and cutting into the deep mouth to remove the teeth. To a certain degree, it’s a surgical procedure that the oral surgeon can complete it successfully.

Facial structure: The positioning of your teeth in your mouth may make it difficult for a dentist to perform the extraction without causing discomfort. Conditions like the large cavities (sinuses) and the limited jaw mobility make things worse and an oral surgeon is the right person to perform the extraction.

Cracked or Fractured Teeth: Extraction becomes too difficult when the teeth are already cracked. It needs a thorough surgery similar to the one that is required for the impacted teeth.

Dental Anxiety: Despite the condition of the tooth, some patients choose to stay asleep during the extraction procedure, since they suffer from dental anxiety or have the fear of seeing a dentist. In this case, an oral surgeon is needed to administer general anesthesia.

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