Is it necessary to replace a missing tooth?

It’s annoying for most of us to speak or smile before anyone with a lost tooth. If you have lost a tooth, you may be thinking that you can go as normal without replacing it. Definitely, you feel unusual for the first few days, but as the day progresses maybe you will get used to it. The choice to replace is purely personal. But the fact is that not replacing teeth can have serious effects – mentally and physically. The replacement process is not as difficult as you might think and will yield good results in the long run.

Let’s have a look at, how the tooth loss will affect physically and mentally

A missing tooth can create long-term problems inside and outside your mouth. Over time, the tooth next to the missing tooth will shift towards each other in an attempt to fill in the gap. Due to this, it results in a condition called the malocclusion, means the improper alignment of teeth. This condition may lead to cross bite that put extra strain on the jaw making it difficult to chew and increased risk of tooth decay. The increase in tooth decay will also lead to problems with other teeth.


This gives an indication that how things will end up when you ignore to replace your missing tooth.

Some of the other complications include:

– Missing teeth can result in not chewing your food properly

– Not chewing your food properly can lead to digestive problems

– Missing teeth can cause bone loss along the jawline which leads to a sagging appearance around the mouth.

Having a missing tooth can have negative mental consequences in the short and long term. For those who are very conscious of their beauty, it’s difficult for them to imagine lost tooth condition. Don’t let your mind filled with unnecessary mental tensions if you have the power to change your appearance. Since you have got many replacement options that can change the way you look and smile.

Restoring Your Smile

Replacing a missing tooth is no longer a suffering as it was in your parents’ generation. The most common treatment is a dental implant. Implants consist of a titanium post covered by a crown or denture. The process typically takes about three months from start to finish, which includes plenty of time for your mouth to adjust to the implant and heal before the crown or denture is applied. The implant and temporary crown can be applied on the same day, allowing you to return to normal activities while the permanent crown is made.

The end result is a tooth that looks and feels just like the one you lost!

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