Reasons to Have Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery or simply jaw surgery can have many positive effects on many aspects of life. It not only uplift your face but also boost up the confidence. This is performed to correct major skeletal and dental irregularities such as the malalignment of jaws and teeth.

The jaw correction surgery or orthognathic jaw surgery can correct functional problems and it brings dramatic changes to the appearance. Usually, people do not take jaw problems seriously until they are affected with a headache, tinnitus, facial and ear pain. And during this time, it is important to find if the jaw is dislocated or not.

There are various signs in which you can find that if your jaw is misaligned or not.

Difficulty in speaking

An important indication one can feel is the difficulty in speaking. The natural way of speaking is affected when the teeth make the tongue to obstruct its natural movement. This will have an impact on the way you pronounce and converse even.

Excessive mouth breathing

When your jaw is not properly aligned, you will certainly feel the discomfort. Even when you are sleeping, you will exert the same pressure, and tend to do excessive mouth breathing. Over a period of time, excessive breathing will be an invitation to other problems like sleep apnea and snore.

Sleep problems

Excessive pain due to malalignment of teeth causes an irregular pattern of sleep and difficulty in falling asleep. It is a common phenomenon to experience pain due to malalignment. The pressure on the face is not evenly distributed, and tend to be aligned in a completely different direction. When the sleep-related problems are not treated properly, it causes major health-related problems like stress, anxiety disorder, and irritation.


An improper jaw alignment causes headaches and migraines. As the problem continues for a longer period, it causes great discomfort for the person. This will affect speaking, eating and even the chewing. It becomes common to have dreadful headaches when you have issues with the jaw alignment. Along with an acute headache, many experience pain in the areas of the neck, ear, and face. When you experience pain in these areas, your muscles will be contracted in one area and are expanded in the other part causing terrible disfiguration.

Premature Ageing

Wrinkles, squeezed lips together all the factors contribute to the aged look which is disagreeable for anyone. It not only breaks the confidence but also gives a very adverse look. Many people are not aware that the improper alignment could be the culprit behind both physical and psychometric problems.

Why should we do a corrective jaw surgery?

Orthognathic surgery or Corrective jaw surgery is not as painful as one thing and will not take much time to heal as well. This is performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in collaboration with an orthodontist to correct various dental irregularities and the major skeletal issues and is the option to correct the functional problems. When you are advised to have a jaw correction surgery, it is crucial to pick the right surgeon who is dexterous in the jaw surgery. Consult your specialist at Lakewood Dental Smile in Dearborn, Michigan for an overall enhanced appearance and a healthy smile.

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