Tips for Managing Pediatric Dental Anxiety

Some children enjoy the visit to the dentist and actually look forward to it. Some frightened to visit them. For some kids, all it takes is the word “dentist” to put them in a panic and potential anger.

Your child’s oral health is crucial, but forcing a scared child into a dentist chair can be a discouraging task. As a parent, what you should understand is that the dental anxiety is common among children and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Most pediatric dentists have experience dealing with children who have dental anxiety.


The level of dental anxiety differs from child to child. In some extreme cases, it can impact the child’s dental health forever. Here is the list of some tips and tricks to keep your children from developing dental anxiety and to assist you in reducing the anxiety.

Read Dental Storybooks to Your Kids

Dental books for Kids are among the finest ways to help reduce the fear of visiting the dentist. By letting your child go through the pictorial representations of the characters visiting dental clinics, colourful illustrations, easy to understand language, you can equip and let them understand what to expect from a dentist.

Begin the dental visit when they are young

The dentists usually recommend parents to bring their children for a first visit as soon as their tooth appears. Taking kids for an early check up is good for the oral health; as well it helps them to get familiar with the dental office at an early stage itself. The early visit can be a perfect way to make them feel comfortable.

Play “Dentist” at Home

Perform the part of the character of a dentist before your kid prior to any dental visits. Pretend to be the dentist and show them cleaning the teeth. Let them act out with their toys or stuffed animals. Using a chair, a mirror and a toothbrush, it’s easy to set up an imaginary dental checkup in your home.

Keep it simple; your communication with kids

Informing your kids about the dental visit in the last minute of the visit will increase the stress and anxiety. Let them mentally prepare for the visitors early on; it relieves the stress and makes them adaptable to the situation. Try to understand if they any questions to ask prior to the appointment and try to answer it.

See the family dentist

It is always a good option to visit the family dentist. The advantage is that they have the experience in dealing with your kids and ensure they get the best care.

Teach Kid’s the Importance of Great Oral Health and Lead by Example.

Teaching your kids the importance of great oral hygiene is a worthy investment in their overall health. Set expectations of what keeping healthy, brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Remind them that dentists are friendly doctors for their teeth and that they’re here to help keep their smile strong and beautiful.

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