Bad Breath

How is Gum Disease Treated

Do you know that Americans spend billions of dollars each year on products like mints, chewing gums, mouthwashes and other oral care products just to fight bad breath even though they offer only an interim solution? Halitosis also known as Bad breath is a mortifying problem that affects millions.

Elimination of continuing foul odors on the breath effectively requires a bit police work on the part of dental experts. Bad breath can affect anyone temporarily – think about “morning breath,” or the way your mouth smells after eating onions or drinking coffee. Some people, however, exhale noticeably unpleasant odors throughout the day, every day. That’s when it’s important to search out the explanation for the matter, so an enduring solution is often achieved.


The most common reason for the bad breath is the trapped food particles which are later processed by the oral bacteria and the foremost common location for mouth related bad breath is the back of the tongue, where the oral bacteria lives on the food remnants , dead skins and the mucus coming down the throat from the nose. The metabolic waste products of these bacteria consist of volatile sulfur compounds, which have the smell of rotten eggs.

Dentures, oral appliances, beneath the gums and in between the teeth are other major sites where food particles and bacteria are trapped. Poor oral hygiene sets the platform for the problems including tooth decay, gum disease and of course, the bad breath! Apart from the mouth related bad breath, other health conditions like sinus, bronchial infection, oral yeast infection, and a systemic disease such as diabetes, kidney failure or liver malfunction also cause halitosis. Xerostomia, which is a chronically dry mouth state, formed as a side effect of certain medications or tobacco use can also contribute to this problem. Stress, acute keto dieting and hormonal changes can affect your breath.

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How can dentistry help you?

Since bad breath most often originates in the mouth, the dental office is the best place to start in your quest for consistently better-smelling breath. After a thorough check up by our periodontist, any of the following bad breath cure or bad breath treatment method might be recommended: Oral hygiene instruction: A demonstration on how to brush, floss or how to clean the dentures, how to use tongue scrapers to clean the back of the tongue might benefit you. Professional dental cleaning: Food particles, bacteria and calcified deposits can become trapped where you cannot reach them – but special dental instruments can.

Regular professional cleaning is an excellent way to promote good oral health normally and good-smelling breath specifically. Treatment of tooth decay: Bad breath may be caused by large, open cavities that need to be filled, or old, defective fillings that need to be fixed. Treatment of gum disease: More advanced forms of gum disease cause the gums to separate from the teeth, forming pockets in which bacteria can thrive. If you have gum disease, you may need periodontal (gum) therapy, which can include a deep cleaning of the roots of your teeth, antibiotics, and, in advanced cases, periodontal surgery.

Treatment of infection: Infection that doesn’t originate in your mouth needs to be treated by the appropriate medical professional. Whatever the cause of your bad breath, we are here to make sure you get the treatment you need.

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