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Root Canal Therapy

- No More Pain

Endodontic therapy, also known as endodontic treatment or root canal therapy, is a treatment sequence which removes blood vessels and nerves from a tooth which may be infected and/or damaged. We ensure that treatment is carried out sensitively. We understand that, although root canal treatment is often misunderstood, people are often anxious about it.

Below are further details about root canal treatment and some positive feedback on the work we’ve done.

rootcanalWhy have root canal therapy?

Your teeth have a core of blood vessels and nerves at their centre. This living tissue is called the pulp and is in a space called the root canal. The number of root canals in each tooth varies depending on how far back it is in your mouth. Front teeth often have one root canal, while back teeth may have three or more. If your tooth is injured or has deep decay, the pulp can be damaged and the blood vessels may die.

A ‘dead’ tooth is likely to get infected. Without treatment, a dental abscess can form as the bacteria, multiply and be forced beyond the end of the root. As the abscess tries to expand within the bone, the tooth may rise slightly out of its socket and feel tender when you bite down. If left untreated, the infection may spread to the nerves and surrounding area.

If you need root canal treatment then Lakewood Dental Smile is dedicated to helping you.

The mere mention of the term root canal procedure is enough to make many shake in their boots ! Well sit back and relax. It’s actually the solution, not the issue and will often solve the problems associated with agonizing toothache or facial swelling. It is certainly not a frightening or painful procedure but rather the solution to getting a pain free tooth and a restful night’s sleep!

What is the procedure for root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment involves removing and  cleaning away the infection inside the nerve of your tooth. On completion of your root canal treatment a biologically compatible rubber material is sealed  inside the nerve to prevent infection re-entering. A white filling or  post, core and  strong porcelain crown is then bonded onto your tooth to strengthen it.