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Dental Plaque and Tartar: Causes, Prevention, and Removal

date February 19, 2019

Dental-Plaque-and-Tartar---Blogs When plaque collects on t [ Read More ]

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

date February 17, 2019

You probably may know the need to change the toothbrush every few months – professionals recommend changing the toothbrush every three months. You might be thinking why is it so? It definitely is not a game plan by the toothbrush companies to overs [ Read More ]

How diabetes and dental care are related?

date February 17, 2019

Having diabetes puts you at greatest risk for complications that affect many parts of the body including the heart, kidneys, and nerves etc. People with poorly managed diabetes are at greater risk for dental problems as well. They are more likely to [ Read More ]

Types of Toothpaste: Benefits & Differences

date February 12, 2019

Go to the supermarket to buy toothpaste, and you will be wondered to see a number of brands that make and sell toothpaste. There you can see an impressive display of toothpaste, some claiming to work for [ Read More ]

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