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Why Does My Jaw Hurt? Possible Causes of Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain Treatment
date October 21, 2018

If you happen to have a locked jaw or pain when you chew or yawn, then it is something you need to be vigilant at. Read on to understand why it happens and how to make it stop. [ Read More ]

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Emergency Dentist Dearborn, Michigan
date October 11, 2018

It’s common that accidents can happen regardless of place and time. Dealing a dental emergency of your kid is different; means, if you know how to handle the situation, you can save your kid from losing his permanent teeth. In those emergency situa [ Read More ]

Do You Really Need an Electric Toothbrush?

date September 27, 2018

You might be wondering how effective it could be to use an electric toothbrush over the manual ones. Certainly, it gives a superior edge that removes plague powerfully compared to the regular manual brushes. Because of its brushing action, many find [ Read More ]

Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

date September 27, 2018

Patients today have more options than ever before to treat their teeth. What is more important is to have an understanding of the treatment choices and its impact on the future. As there are several dental conditions that make way for other problems [ Read More ]

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