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Cosmetic Dentistry

- For a Beautiful Smile

b4-cosmeticCosmetic dentistry is suited to any number of people hoping to improve the appearance of their teeth. If you are not born with the teeth you want, or if your smile has lost its sparkle due to ageing and from the effects of drinking tea, coffee and red wine, cosmetic dentistry can create the beautiful smile of your dreams.

Modern cosmetic dentistry gives you the chance to smile with confidence, so find out more about cosmetic dentistry and what it could do for you today.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry involves dental procedures with the aim of improving the overall aesthetics of your smile. Whether you want a dazzling “Hollywood smile makeover” or a more conservative look, we can cater to your every need with our range of cosmetic dentistry treatments including teeth whitening .

A beautiful smile can have a positive impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem so choose the cosmetic dentistry suited to your desires with us.

b4-cosmetic1Cosmetic dentistry for your unique smile

At Lakewood Dental Smile each treatment is customized to your individual requirements at a consultation with our cosmetic dentists. How you feel about your smile is important to us. Our experienced team will make sure your mouth is healthy and give a professional recommendation to improve your smile. We take an artistic approach so that before we even think about working on your teeth, we will assess your smile from every angle, to see how your smile sits with your facial features. From here we can then discuss your needs and any concerns with you, fully explaining all the treatment options available.