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Crossbite and Crossbite Correction

You may not have a complete know-how about what a crossbite is. What exactly is crossbite? Is there any treatment for this condition? If so what are the options? Here we are discussing the types of crossbite, problems, correction and the treatment options.

Cross Bite Correction

What is a crossbite?

It is the condition of an unusual relationship of one or more teeth of an arch to the opposite teeth or tooth in the other arch. It is caused by a change in the tooth position or abnormal jaw position. In a layman language the incorrect position of the upper teeth in relation to the lower teeth.

Crossbites can be hereditary, but they can also be situational. Crossbites that arise in the children can be removed from the permanent teeth growing in before all the baby teeth have fallen out. If this happens, the new teeth that come in can’t grow properly leading to the misalignment issues.

There are two types of crossbites and both of them can lead to jaw pain, TMJ and other issues such as the shrinking gums and loose teeth. One might find difficult to deal with the situation, but the good news is that the crossbites are able to be cured or healed.

Anterior crossbites vs. Posterior crossbites

There are generally two types of crossbites; anterior crossbites and posterior crossbites. A posterior crossbite occurs when the upper teeth bite down inside your lower teeth. An anterior crossbite, which is similar to an underbite, is what occurs when your top front teeth fall behind your lower front teeth when you bite down. The good part is that both kinds of crossbites can be corrected; and sooner you find the solution, the better.

The Problems

If the crossbites left untreated it can create hot of health problems. It includes the cosmetic issues, jaw grinding, teeth loss and other issues. It is reported that the crossbite patients will suffer tension and stress on the jaws. Additional tension arises from the teeth grinding due to the unusual positioning of the teeth. It can even affect the facial structure even. These issues can all be prevented with proper treatment options, especially when treated at a young age.

Crossbite Correction and Treatment Options

Most crossbites can be treated by adjusting the teeth or jaw using orthodontic treatments and appliances. Various treatment options are available to correct this condition depending on the individual cases.  Only after the thorough treatment the best course of action can be determined. Here are the various treatment options:

1)  Maxillary Expander

2)  Removable expander

3)  Braces

4)  Surgery in extreme cases

The treatment may include the use of combined options of expanders and braces. The expanders are adjusted to create the correct amount of space in between teeth so that the bites are properly aligned. For some adult patients a removable expander may be recommended. Each case is different and will require its own treatment plan.

If you or someone in your family is living with a crossbite, the best thing you have to do is to schedule a visit to your dentist for a full examination. In Dearborn, Michigan, you can make the consultation with Lakewood Dental Smile. The dentist will be able to identify if a crossbite is present and recommend the proper course of treatment.

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