Give your teeth the care it deserves.

You tend to assume your teeth and gums remains healthy. In fact, it ages as the years passes by problems like the dry mouth due to some medicines, sensitivity to temperatures and textures and painful gums are all common dental issues one has to face in their lifetime. Though it may be the case, proper dental care is vital throughout your life, no matter what your age is.

Let’s focus on some points that bring a smile to your face.

Your teeth and gums are made up of calcium, so you can guess how crucial it is to give importance to your calcium intake. Dairy foods like the yogurt, cheese are the wonderful source of calcium which keeps your teeth stronger. So from now onwards try to include cheese with bread or fruits in your breakfast.

Vitamin D which we mostly get from sunrays helps us absorb the calcium in our body. Here the benefits of getting outdoors and exercising come into play. Curious to know the vitamin D level in your body? Just do a simple blood test.

Vitamin C is another element that promotes good dental health. Diets deficient in Vitamin C causes dental issues such as loose teeth and bleeding gums. You can mix citrus fruits with a salad which improves the body’s ability to fight those vicious symptoms. Try to reduce citrus fruits as a part of a meal, as the acid content in it is not good for the teeth enamel.

Seems like a difficult thing to adapt i.e. to avoid sugary foods. It is a fact that the food or snacks that are high in sugar cause the tooth to decay eventually. Therefore in order to prevent decay, try avoiding sugary foods.

Saliva fights bacteria effectively. Foods that promote saliva can help your body fight bacteria in the mouth. Another effective way to produce saliva is by drinking plenty of water. It helps clear bacteria and cleanses oral cavity.

Try to floss daily. If you are unable to floss, try crunchy and hard foods such as carrots and apples that can clean teeth naturally. Flossing should be a part of your morning routine, and both brushing and flossing after dinner could even help you lose weight by discouraging bedtime snacking.

If you have questions relating to dental health and dental routines to follow your dentist at Lakewood Dental Smile can guide you with proper instructions and information. The dental clinic is exceptional in offering the latest dental procedures ranging from restorative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry to root canal treatments and so at an affordable budget.

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