Post-Op Care for Dental Implants

It’s your responsibility to ensure that there would be no complications post-treatment once you have decided to receive the dental implant surgery. Like any other treatment, the healing time depends on several factors, and that includes the number of implants you received, if the procedure is done for a single tooth, multiple teeth or entire set of teeth.

Once the dental implant surgery is over, the implant takes time to heal itself that will take around 3 – 4 months, varying from case to case. You will be most at risk of infection or other complications is immediately after the surgery. So it is important to follow the aftercare instructions as instructed by your dentist. Here are some useful tips to be considered after receiving dental implants.
Follow medication properly:
It is obvious to take medications. Following the prescribed medications at the right time will have a huge impact on the recovery

Try to stop bleeding:
The time you notice any bleeding, try to prevent it by pressing gauze on the affected area and hold this for few minutes until you get respite. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after that, apply an ice pack surrounding to the jaw. Still, you find no respite and the bleeding continues 24 hours after the surgery it’s good to contact your dentist to check everything is ok.

Get rid of swelling:
Applying ice packs around the jaw area every 2-3 hours will dramatically improve your recovery by reducing the swelling. Keeping your head elevated will also help with the swelling.

Ensure you get enough Nutrition from your meals.
Though you need to follow a non-uniform meal contrary to your usual meals, make sure you get enough nutritional value in your meals. While it sounds good to eat some snacks and ice cream for weeks, you won’t be getting enough nutrients and minerals from those. You need to ensure you’re getting enough of the good stuff to keep your immune system strong; otherwise, you’ll be more prone to infection.

Rinse with saltwater:
Unless told otherwise by your dentist, rinsing your mouth with salt water a few times throughout the day will really limit your chance of infection. Do this from the second-day post-surgery.

Your body needs Rest:
Your body will need time to rest and recover from the surgery so now is not the time to push yourself with heavy workload or exercise. While you can technically head straight back into work after surgery, it is generally best to take at least a couple of days off to let your body rest and relax.

Stay hydrated by drinking water:
The more you stay hydrated, the better. Drinking enough water helps the tissues heal more quickly with fewer complications.

When it comes to dental implant process in Dearborn, Michigan, Lakewood Dental Smile is the best choice. You can give us a call or make an appointment to make sure everything is tracking as it should be.

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