Types of Dental Implants | Which Implant Is Best for You

Dental implants simply mean replacing a broken or fallen tooth with an artificial one. Implants help you to regain your facial beauty and confidence. Having all teeth in your mouth is important for your overall health as well-chewed food digests fast and gets absorbed into your body better. Many types of dental implants are available. Your dentist may suggest you the right type of implant depending on your oral condition. Let us see different types of implants, briefly.

Types of Dental Implants

Multiple stage procedure

The implant can be fixed as a single-stage procedure or double stage procedure. In a single-stage procedure, the implant root with the crowns is fixed together into the jaw bone. In a two-stage procedure, a root is affixed into the jaw bone and left for a duration of four to six weeks. During this time frame, the gum tissues heal around the fixture, making it evermore stronger. The artificial crown is fixed onto this root after nearly six weeks.

Types of Implant

Single-tooth implant

As the name suggests this procedure is used to replace a single broken or fallen tooth. The artificial tooth is affixed to the jaw bone in this treatment.

Multiple implants

Multiple tooth implants use various treatment types. Each tooth can be fixed independently or fixed with a bridge to support each other. The dentist decides which mode is perfect for your condition.

Fixed and removable implants

Both fixed and removable implants are used widely. The tooth crown gets frayed over time. If removable implants are fixed, you can easily remove the crown alone and affix a new one on the existing root.


Overdentures are where two or more dentures are implanted to give more stability to the denture. Overdentures are used to protect the jaw bone too.

Temporary bridgework

Temporary implants are minuscule implants used to support dentures. Usually, the temporary implants are removed once the permanent denture is healed.

It is after evaluating the shape and health of surviving teeth and analyzing the bio-compatibility of each patient, dentists will decide which denture to be fixed on patients.

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