Association between gum disease and blood pressure

Studies suggest that there has been a link between gum disease and blood pressure. It argues that the more the severity of gum disease, the higher the risk of blood pressure. Gum disease patients should be informed about the risk and be reminded of the lifestyle changes that need to be implemented in their life to prevent high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is increasingly affecting more youth across the world and is found to be the leading global cause of premature death. It is one of the main cause of cardiovascular disease, and gum disease has also been linked with increased risk of heart attack and stroke. There is no link to the fact that periodontal or gum disease treatment will reduce blood pressure and vice versa. Random clinical trials are required to determine the impact of gum disease therapy on hypertension (blood pressure). 

Regarding the reasons that link two conditions, the oral bacteria that accumulated due to gum disease can lead to inflammation throughout the body which affects blood vessel function. Moreover, it couldn’t rule out the genetic susceptibility along with the risk factors such as smoking and obesity.

What causes gum disease?

Gum disease is mostly caused by improper oral hygiene. But there are other factors that increase the risk of developing gingivitis. Some of the most common risk factors are as follows:

– Smoking or chewing tobacco prevents gum tissue from being healed.

– Crooked or rotated teeth create more areas for plaque and calculus to accumulate

– Alcohol affects oral defense mechanisms.

– Stress impairs the body’s immune response to bacterial invasion.

– Infrequent or no dental care

– Poor saliva production

What are gum disease symptoms and signs?

A person with gingivitis will usually have one or more of the following signs and symptoms:

– Bright red, swollen gums that bleed very easily (even during brushing or flossing)

– A bad taste or mouth odor

– White spots or plaques on the gums

– Pus between gums or teeth

Some ways to deal with your Blood pressure

High blood pressure is considered too risky that can damage your heart. But there’s good news. There are a number of ways you can do to deal with your blood pressure naturally, even without medication.

– Walk and exercise regularly

– Reduce the sodium intake

– Moderate alcohol consumption

– Eat more potassium-rich foods

– Cut back on caffeine

– Learn to manage stress

– Eat dark chocolate or cocoa

– Lose weight

– Quit smoking

In many countries, still now, oral health does not care properly and the gum disease remains untreated for years. This results in the buildup of bacteria on top of existing risk factors. Therefore it is important to have the dental check with your dentist on a regular basis and avoid any potential issues that lead to gum disease. When it comes to maintaining oral health, it is important to consult experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing best in class care. The leading dentist in Michigan, Lakewood Dental Smile shows you the way for optimal dental heat and that too in an affordable way.