Keep away your dental worries

Some people are still apprehensive about making appointments with a dentist. The fears may be the result of unnecessary preconceptions and they feel much stressed for being examined even. But the fact is that all dental procedures are not hurting. This fear can be due to dental anxiety or dental phobia. Because of this, this section of people even makes their dental checkup late or postponed, thus inviting trouble to their oral health, leading to gum disease, pain and infections, and even tooth loss.

It is common to think that dental anxiety and dental phobia share the same meaning, but not. Dental anxiety is a kind of uncomfortable worry that something is going to happen and at the same time, Dental phobia is something more than anxiety.

People with dental phobia is more prone to dental-related problems such as gum disease and tooth loss. Within oneself, a high feeling of insecurity and self-esteem grips over and they become embarrassed in their life due to these conditions. They also suffer from bad oral health in general and this poor dental condition has been linked to some life-threatening conditions as well such as lung disease and heart disease.

Patients with dental phobia hesitate to see the dentist or never visit even. One can force them to visit the dentist, but they don’t sleep properly the night before.

What causes people to fear the dental visit?

Though it’s difficult to mention any particular reason, researchers have found some common things for dental anxiety or phobia. Some common reasons include:

Pain: Most of people share fear as the common factor for dental anxiety or phobia. The interesting factor is that this is prevalent in adults over the age of 25. Either they had a bitter dental experience or they don’t have the knowledge of advanced dental treatments.

Thought of helplessness: While on a visit to the dentist, they can’t predict what is about to happen and what is going to hurt. During this time they feel powerless and out of control. This develops within their mind a sort of anxiety.

Feeling of discomfiture: Some people are reluctant to have their mouth inspected by a stranger because they are self-conscious about the look of their teeth. The dental procedure requires close examination, and this makes them more uncomfortable.

Bad experiences in the past: it is that some patients might have bad experiences in the past with the dentist. This experience that had in the past make them very anxious and keep away from further dental visits.

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