Chipped or Cracked Tooth: Causes and Repair

A chipped tooth is common for adults and children. It’s actually quite easy to damage a tooth regardless of the fact that enamel is the strongest. Besides from hitting something on your mouth or teeth, conditions such as tooth decay and nighttime teeth grinding can cause the teeth to damage. Here highlights the potential problems that may cause your teeth to damage.

What if you don’t restore your chipped Tooth?

A little crack on teeth might not be a big deal. Smaller cracks are not challenging unless they are sharp. If the crack is big enough, it can lead to conditions such as sensitivity, bad breath, infected roots and swollen glands. Sharp edges on the other hand can cut your tongue and gums. Deep cuts can lead to tooth infection and aches resulting in sensitivity and bad breath. Chips can grow bigger and cause issues resulting in the need for root canal treatment or extractions.

How to restore a chipped tooth?

First thing is to visit a dentist. When you have chipped tooth, you should visit the dentist where he can diagnose and do the needful. Minor cracks typically won’t need repair. However, more significant cracks can require more extensive dental work. If it is severe it affects pulp that is inside the tooth. The pulp is made up of living tissues, blood vessels and nerves and severe infection to this pulp needs extensive dental care to restore. Your Dentist will fix the right treatment depending on the severity.

For minor chips, the dentist may only need to smooth the rough edges or fill with a dermal filling that matches your tooth. Severe chips that do not damage the root or pulp may require a cap or crown to protect the tooth from future infections. In situations where the pulp or root is damaged, you may first need a root canal before a crown or cap is placed over the tooth.

Preventing a Chipped Tooth!

Maintaining good oral health is the best way to a chipped tooth. Making sure you have no cavities or tooth decay can help you keep the enamel strong. Your dentist will recommend you for a mouth guard if you play sports. Athletes are more prone to injury. Protective gear can help save teeth from sustaining injury.

If you have anxious habits like biting your nails or chewing pen cap, you may want to try some other thing that is less prone to accidents, like squeezing a stress ball. Finally, you should try to avoid hard toffees and chewing ice. If you cannot resist the candies, there is a chance that your teeth may succumb to decay and infection. If you have a chipped tooth and need an evaluation of the damage, the team at Lakewood Dental Smile will happily evaluate your tooth and recommend treatment options. Get the best and affordable treatment options from the leading dentist in Dearborn, Michigan.