Ensure your dental crown last for a long time

Dental Crown is a protective covering that is cemented over a broken or decayed tooth which is otherwise called a cap. Crowns are a lot stronger and more permanent than fillings. The existing affected teeth get drilled down to a particular level and then the crown is fixed over the top of the prepared tooth thus restoring alignment, strength, and shape.

More than it helps to chew food normally, it brings your natural smile back. It also evades the self-esteem that one has about the condition of their teeth. Various types of dental crowns are available, and considering its worthiness, it is important to keep them in good condition to ensure they last for a long time. Here are some ways to make sure that you do not lose your crowns sooner than the expected time:

Follow good dental habits

A dental crown has the lifespan of five to fifteen years mostly. The longevity of it mainly depends on dental hygiene and other oral habits you follow. As normal, follow good dental hygiene i.e. brushing and flossing daily and rinse your mouth properly particularly the area with the crown with an antimicrobial mouthwash.

Use a Night Guard

As the name suggests the night guards save your upper and lower teeth from touching each other. It helps the people who have the habit of grinding teeth while on sleep. The grinding motion doesn’t just wear the crown and the rest of your teeth down, but it can also cause the crown to pop off.

No Bad Habits

Bad habits like biting nails can loosen the crown, also chewing ice can be avoided for the good of dental crowns. Provide detailed attention to the area surrounding the crown while brushing. If not given proper attention the teeth gums may be affected.

Dealing with a damaged Crown

Bad quality crowns are vulnerable to cracking. Porcelain based dental crowns are more prone to cracking. The case of restoring these dental crowns are minimal. Some can be restored using special adhesive and remember that these restored ones are more prone to damage and might not be the most durable crowns to have. In cases where there is severe chipping, you may have to replace the crown.

Keeping up With the Dentist

The visit to your dentist also plays a role in keeping dental crown’s life extended. Your dentist can spot and remedy any issues with the crown before they get worse and cost you more.

Visit your dentist when you feel pain while chewing or biting. The dentist will check the area and find the cause of the problem. If the cause of pain is because the crown is too high. In that case, the dentist adjusts the shape and position of the crown.

Different types of crowns are available and the ceramic and porcelain crowns can be suited to the color of your original teeth. The crowns made of a material such as the gold; acrylic and metal alloy are usually stronger than the porcelain and is recommended for the back teeth. If you are on the search for a dental clinic in Dearborn, Michigan to get a suitable dental crown to make your tooth strong again, visit Lakewood Dental Smile, experienced dentist in the region. Schedule your appointment now.