Healthy Teeth through Simple Foods

Regular tooth brushing and flossing helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Do you know, what you eat can help as well. Here highlight the simple foods that may be more helpful to your dental health than you thought they were.

Fluoride- An element of strength

Fluoride provides strength to bones and teeth and ultimately fights tooth decay. Hence the reason fluoride toothpaste is available from the leading brands. The fluoride is naturally found in many foods as well. Any fluoride you take will be absorbed and distributed throughout the body. So by serving up foods with naturally contained fluoride promotes you and your family’s bones and teeth strength. Seafood is considered to have a good source of fluoride. Tea and gelatin also contain fluoride. Carrots, beetroots, cheeses, juices, and baked potatoes also have a large amount of fluoride.

Dairy products

You know calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth. Calcium in dairy products is good to protect your teeth against decay. Cheese has fewer acids that cause cavities, and it stimulates the saliva flow which dilutes the remaining acids in your mouth. Moreover, certain elements in cheese that adhere to your teeth protected from acids. So it is recommended to include dairy products for your kids with the snacks. Dairy products are perfect substitutes for sugary drinks and foods.

Drink plenty of water

Water is effective not only for washing clothes and bathing but it is also effective in cleaning food particles and acids from your teeth. The swish and swallow procedure is particularly helpful for kids at school or whenever brushing teeth is uncomfortable. Drinking plenty of water protects your mouth from becoming dry and keep moist to prevent bacteria that causes gum disease, decay, and bad breath.

Candy and Chewing Gum

Having sugary foods are usually considered to be bad for your teeth. What you think if you are recommended sugary foods to keep your teeth healthy. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? It is advised that the candy with natural sugar can help prevent tooth decay. The sweet with natural sugar prevents the formation of acid in the mouth and is best for cavity protection. Another benefit of having sugar-free chewing gum or candies is that they encourage saliva production which helps clean teeth of bacteria and debris.

Nature’s Toothbrush Some vegetable and fruits like apple is helpful in cleaning your teeth after eating sugary and sticky foods. Vegetables like carrot and celery are effective as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables are replacement to sugary snacks. Following a healthy diet always is not much easier. By following the easy practices for healthy teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene at the same time can certainly help you ward off many problems linked to your mouth and teeth. You can consult more with Lakewood dental Smile in Dearborn Michigan.