Stress vs. Dental Health

We have to consider stress very seriously. There are many health issues caused by stress and it is one of the worst enemies of health. The main part is that it affects dental health as well. You will be bewildered by knowing how stress affects your oral health. It causes gum disease, teeth grinding, mouth cancer, dry mouth and the change in eating habits. Let us have a detail look into how the stress will affect your dental health

Stress causes mouth sores:

When stress exerts influence on you, it disturbs you a lot. People under stress often grind their teeth, and bite the lips, due to excessive emotional stress. Frequently, they tend to ignore the symptoms in the early stage and tend to regret later when the problem increases.

Constant clenching of the teeth:

Overstressed people will have the tendency to grind their teeth without even realizing about it, that too constantly. If they proceed for a longer period, the enamel gets damaged initially and gradually bigger trouble starts. Sometimes, the tooth may have cracks and set out too brittle. As the self-control tend to decrease, it makes the condition even more badly.

Poor dental hygiene

It is common to ignore ourselves when we are under stress. Hygiene and self-care become a distant thing for the people under stress. As they constantly ignore these they begin to have the problems pertaining to teeth, gums, ulcers in the mouth and mouth infections. If these are taken care of it properly, you can reduce the damages.

Poor diet and nutrition

Stress will have a direct impact to your diet which in turn will affect your dental health. As the tooth needs to be stronger, it needs calcium, minerals, and vitamins to become stronger. When they are not taking enough calories and a proper diet the adequate nutrition that your body needs will not be available. This may seem simpler in the initial state, but it will develop as a root cause for bigger issues.

Gum disease

When the immunity system is very low, the overall health will decline. If there is already a dental problem, it will intensify when left uncared. Little germs or infection in the oral system will upset the balance of the tooth, often causing more problems.

Dry mouth

Stress causes a lack of saliva, leading to dryness of the mouth. When the mouth is dry, it certainly indicates that your health is under check. Saliva is very important, as it maintains the PH of the mouth, helps you to chew the food.   Saliva is your mouth has many oral health benefits, including washing away food particles from your teeth and gums. Saliva also helps in digestion. Maintaining good oral hygiene even under stress is very important.

Dealing with Stress

When you are unable to cope with stressful conditions, you can find ways to relieve from it like reading your favorite book, watching movies, spend time with friends and relatives and so. If your dental health deteriorates, you can consult with your dentist who can help you get rid of the dental-related problems. You can also follow the steps below, to maintain good health.

– Engage in relaxing techniques to help manage your stress.

– Physical exercise and sweating are the best medicine.

– Get enough sleep.

– Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Your doctor will be your best partner to maintain good oral health. You can consult with Lakewood Dental Smile for a thorough check-up.