Understanding the conditions that appear in mouth

Your mouth also undergo changes like other parts of body as you age. Some changes to your gums, throat and tongue may the signs of a problem. You must be vigil to these changes and it may require a dental visit.

Swellings on Gums

The lumps on your gums may point out to oral infection. Oral infections can be caused due to tooth decay, plaque and food particles and the infections are easy to get caught when your immune system is low. Lumps on gums can be caused due to trauma and mouth ulcers. Trauma and canker sores are two more common causes of lumpy gums. Trauma can occur when you take a knock to the mouth, when you ingest very hot food or beverages, or when your mouth is getting used to new braces or dentures.

Dental cysts also forms on your gums. These appear near the roots of dead teeth. They can become painful particularly if they get infected. Large cysts can make your jaw weak and put pressure on teeth. Dental surgery could be a possible option to eliminate the cyst and treat dead root tissue.

Gum bleeding

Bleeding gum may indicate a symptom of gum disease. The beginning state of this condition is gingivitis and if left unnoticed and treated it may advance to more serious periodontitis. The plaque buildup which is left even after the brushing can cause gingivitis. Germs in plaque cause irritation and inflammation in the gums. Though it doesn’t make you feel sensitive, they will bleed when you brush. Low immunity can aggravate these issues.

Swelling of Tongue or Gums

Tongue and gum inflammation are other symptoms of oral infections. Tumors located in the tongue and gums can also make the parts swell.

When you any have allergy triggering things such as peanuts, shellfish and certain medications, tongue may swell. With certain medical treatments the tongue swelling can be resolved. If it appears frequently, the swelling can be because of low iron levels. As mentioned above, gingivitis and periodontitis can also make gums swollen. If you’ve had a mouth trauma you may also notice your gums and tongue swell.

Painful swelling on the Tongue

Painful lumps on the tongue are usually called taste buds. You might notice this problem after you accidentally bite your tongue or taste food or drink that’s too hot. Too much stress and some hormones can also cause the problem. While the pain might be irritating, it’s likely to pass in a few days without treatment.

Thick liquid (blob) at the back of your throat

Thick liquid which usually appears in yellow color at the back of your throat are likely to be tonsil stones. They are a common and minor problem for some who still have their tonsils. People who are prone to tonsils suffer from bad breath, as the debris collected by the tonsillar tissue present in the mouth. Removing minor tonsil stones is simple as gargling saltwater. However tougher tonsil stones can be removed through surgery.

If you’re more concerned about any of these changes in your mouth, make a dental appointment immediately at Lakewood Dental Smile. They can properly diagnose your worries and treat them before they turn into major problems.