Different phases of teeth cleaning

Many people are anxious about teeth cleanings. Between the various procedures of teeth whitening, it is easy to understand their anxiety. But in most cases, teeth whitening is simple and painless. Knowing the truth behind it may make you feel better and helps to remove any anxieties that hold with you.

A physical exam

Before you step into the teeth whitening process, you should undergo a physical exam performed by a dental hygienist. It covers your entire mouth and teeth. They will check for any gums or any indications of gingivitis or other probable issues. If any major issues detected, the dental hygienist may seek the guidance of the dentist to proceed further.

Removing plaque and tartar

Dental scaling is performed to get rid of plaque and tartar buildup around the gum line and in between your teeth. In between the process, you will hear scraping which is to remove the tartar. The more tartar in your mouth, the more scraping will be needed.

The tartar can only be removed from the dentist’s office. If you are very anxious about the tartar build-up, the only way to prevent the tartar from building up is to properly brush and floss daily twice.

Gritty toothpaste cleaning

Once you are free from tartar, the hygienist brushes your teeth with a powerful electric toothbrush. Again it makes a grinding noise. This is a great way for a deep clean and removes any tartar left behind from the scaler.

Professional cleanings use gritty toothpaste which behaves like a natural toothpaste. The granules in the toothpaste softly brush your teeth. Professional cleaning is advised often and if you are doing at home, don’t be hard at your brushing since it will wear down the enamel.

Expert flossing

Not just flossing, expert flossing is required. By going deep between your teeth, the hygienist spot any trouble areas where you might bleed at gums. Professional flossing is effective at removing plaques that leftover from the previous cleaning process.


Rinsing is what you do next to get rid of any debris. Usually, the hygienist gives you a rinse that consists of liquid fluoride.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatment is effective at protecting teeth from cavities for long. You may have the option of selecting your flavor. A foam-covered gel is placed over your teeth for a minute. Apart from the gel, fluoride varnish will be used with a small brush. Doesn’t it sound amazing that you will have painless and smooth teeth whitening procedure? It mainly points to the idea of having professional teeth cleaning rather than trying yourself at home to get the best outcome. When it comes to teeth whitening in Dearborn, Michigan, you can schedule an appointment with Lakewood Dental Smile, the leading dentists for advanced dental care. The clinic specializes in almost all areas of dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and more.