Food choice is critical to your oral health

Many dentists usually warn about consuming sugary foods and beverages that affect teeth. The fact is that it gives rise to many dental problems that gradually can take a toll on your teeth.  The food choices and the eating patterns among kids and teens have a significant influence on resulting tooth decays. When bacteria get in touch with sugar in the mouth, the acid which is produced attacks the teeth for a few minutes leading to tooth decay.

It is indeed a fact that sugary food largely contributes to tooth decay. Almost all sort of food include some sort of sugar, however, it cannot be avoided completely as it has important nutrients that promote health. To come out of this danger, read the food labels and beverages that are low in sugars. Keep in mind that the soft drinks, colas, cookies, and candies have added sugars.

The food you eat shouldn’t lack nutrients. It doesn’t help the mouth tissues to fight infection. Lacking the ability to resist infection may end up in gum disease and to periodontal disease, a major cause for tooth loss in adults. Though poor nutrition doesn’t lead to periodontal disease directly, it advances faster in people with nutrient-poor diets.

Having a balanced diet is important – so try a variety of foods and reduce the intake of snacks. If you do like choose only nutritious foods like raw vegetables, plain yogurt, and fruits. The released saliva after the intake of regular meals helps to wash food particles and acid from the mouth.

Some vegetables and fruits like apple are helpful in cleaning your teeth after eating sugary and sticky foods. Vegetables like carrot and celery are effective as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a replacement to sugary snacks. Following a healthy diet always is not much easier. By following the easy practices for healthy teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene at the same time can certainly help you ward off many problems linked to your mouth and teeth. You can consult more with Lakewood dental Smile in Dearborn Michigan.

Try to include this food into your diet to have healthy teeth.

Cheese: Those who show a love for cheese, you have reason to rejoice. Since it is one of the finest food for healthy teeth.

Yogurt: Like cheese, yogurt is also an excellent source of nutrients and proteins that are good for oral health. The microorganisms found in yogurt are beneficial to healthy gums.

Leafy Greens: Enriched with vitamins and minerals, the leafy greens undoubtedly are a must-have food. Among the varieties, kale and spinach have a key place in promoting oral health.

Apples: While the doctors recommend you to stay away from some sweet foods, apple is an exception. Though it is sweet in nature, they are good in fiber and water.

Carrots: Carrots are also a good source of fiber. Eating carrots at the end of the meal enhances the saliva production which reduces cavity formation.

Garlic: Garlic is reported to have many health benefits. The antibacterial properties of garlic double up the chance of eliminating bad bacteria from the mouth.

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