How these beverages affect your dental health

There is a bond between foods and drinks with your dental health. These have a dramatic impact on your health the moment it enters into your mouth. The effect of beverages depends on several factors.

The foods and drinks that pass through your lips can have a substantial influence on your health, starting from the first moment they enter your mouth. The effect the drinks that have on your health depends on several factors, but it’s chiefly determined by the acidity factor. Acidic foods and drinks allow your tooth enamel to soften which makes your teeth more sensitive and prone to cavities, decay etc… Drinks that are high in acid and sugar increases the chances of damaging.

Let’s look into these beverages


Wine has different color variants. Red wine is among the best which is good for your teeth. More acidic is the white wine which is good at damaging your enamel. Also, it makes your teeth susceptible to staining and discoloration.


There is no such evidence available to support how beer affects your teeth. However, some studies suggest that it is actually beneficial to dental health. The hops that are present in the beer, a common component, can have a positive effect on dental health and cavity protection.


Vodkas have a different variant of pH levels which changes on brands. Less pH level drinks are considered more acidic. Most vodkas tend to have a lower pH level. This makes vodka a potential threat to your dental health. Nevertheless, alcohol has a drying effect and this is true in the case of vodka as well. Sipping slowly the alcohol does more damage by drying the mouth slowly. So anything over reasonable consumption could be harmful.


Water actually doesn’t pose any threat to your oral health. The more you drink water the more saliva production you have. The presence of protective minerals in the saliva is good enough to protect your teeth from decay and other diseases.


Coffee can turn out to be beneficial if it is sipped up without any additives. It helps to prevent the formation of cavities from developing. Therefore, if you are concerned about your dental health, enjoy your coffee but without sugar.


Loaded with proteins and minerals such as calcium, milk discourage the growth of bacteria that causes cavities in your mouth. With a greater pH level milk is a good source for healthy teeth and mouth.

Fruit juice

As you know most fruit juices are concentrated and thus acidic. Fruit juice is more acidic than its normal form. Make it less concentrated by adding more water to the juice to lessen the potential damage.

You got an idea about which drinks are beneficial to your dental health and which are not. As well, these facts and information broaden up your knowledge enough to prevent common dental issues. If you are affected with any dental issues due to any foods or beverages you can seek expert dental consultation. When it comes to dental consultation in Dearborn, Michigan, Lakewood Dental Smile provides the best affordable dental care ranging from general dentistry to restorative dentistry and cosmetic dental treatments. Schedule an appointment.