Some ways to stop tooth enamel loss

Your teeth are enclosed with a strong layer of enamel. Therefore it has a greater role in preventing the tooth from decay and discomfort. Though it is considered as the hardest substance, the enamel is somewhat delicate. The reason: from the food you eat to the amount of force you apply when brush cause enamel to wear away. As the enamel can’t be replaced, the possible option is to prevent tooth enamel loss.

Skip the Soda

Soda is not good for tooth enamel. Sodas which are high in sugar leads to the production of bacteria that causes decay. Even the fizzy drinks can lead to tooth enamel loss because they are so acidic. So skip the soda habit as early as possible and save your tooth enamel.

Keep an eye on Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are high in vitamins and fiber and they are also fairly acidic. Consuming these fruits a lot or lemon juices take a toll on your teeth. Remember that it is not that you don’t need to consume these fruits, simply watch on how many you eat. More importantly, drink water at the same time to rinse away its abrasive juices.

Go for Dairy

The dairy products are often considered as the rivals of oral health. But the study indicates that the cheese and other dairy products are helpful in protecting tooth enamel. Eating cheese produces more saliva which helps to rinse away the debris and acidic residue while having the meal.

Chew Gum After Meals

Chewing gum after meals results in the production of more saliva which cleanses the debris from the mouth. It also protects the enamel during the day. Varied types of gums are available to protect your enamel. However, pick a sugarless gum.

Limit your alcohol

Despite what you drink, drink in moderate for the safety of your dental health. The reason is that some alcoholic beverages are high in sugar and some others are highly acidic. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration and that leads to the dry mouth. It reduces saliva production. If you want to take alcohol, drink water alongside it.

Brush Gently

Gentle brushing helps to protect your tooth enamel. Brushing too hard results in the erosion of enamel. If you are concerned about your dental health and enamel health, try using the soft-bristled brush. So brush very gently.

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