Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Retainers

A retainer is a custom made, removable or fixed appliance that helps teeth maintain their new position after braces

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Bad breath (Halitosis): Causes and treatment

Bad breath is a worrying condition for everyone. Otherwise known as halitosis bad breath can be the result of poor

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What you consume has a significant effect on your oral health.

Your mouth, teeth, and gums are not just tools for eating but are essential for chewing and swallowing as well. Your

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Some ways to keep your oral health in good form.

Today we have more options than ever before to treat our teeth. Understanding the choices and the impact on your future

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Some tips for a Healthy Summer Smile

Summer months are exciting and fun and it’s the time people go outdoors and have a relaxed time in their favorite

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Replacement of teeth: What are the best options?

Fed up with your teeth due to several dental issues? You are not alone. Estimates say that lot number of people are

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