Some tips for a Healthy Summer Smile

Summer months are exciting and fun and it’s the time people go outdoors and have a relaxed time in their favorite locations. While some routines miss out during the summer, dental care for your children cannot be one of them. Making time to maintain a healthy dental care routine is especially important in the summer. When you’re packing up your essential for the outing or fun, don’t forget your dental essentials! Here are three ways to prevent summertime tooth decay: 

Stay on a routine

Whatever the fun activities your kids are involved in never let them skip the brushing before a late bed time. It’s important for families to consistently brush and floss, which keeps kids on track for healthy back-to-school dental visits. No matter how busy days you would have, inspect if they are having the brushing twice a day. Ensure they carry out the brushing 2 minutes with a fluoride tooth paste. Apps that keep track of brushing over the summer is available which helps them to follow a steady brushing routine. Brushing along with them actually allows you to spend more time together.

And don’t forget to clean between those teeth once a day. “Your children should be flossing between any two teeth that touch, many kids don’t have motor skills to floss until they are over 10 years old. If your child needs help, try different types of interdental cleaners or put your hands over theirs to guide them and get the job done at the same time. 

Say no to sugary drinks and snacks

As the temperature rises, it’s common for families to have sugary drinks and snacks during festivals or nearly any community event. Notice your family’s intake of lemonade, juice and soda. It is better to consider the sugary drinks once in a week and not often. Take a break from snacking is healthy for your teeth. It allows time for saliva to bathe the teeth, wash away leftover food and get stronger.

If you find yourself spending more time at home, snack smarter, and let your children tell you when they’re hungry instead of offering snacks throughout the day. “They’re not afraid to let you know when they want something to eat!” she says. 

Make your back-to-school dental visit early Some schools require back-to-school dental visits for certain grades, and these checkups can be a good way to be sure your child’s teeth stayed healthy. It is a good idea to make your child’s back-to-school appointment early in the summer. When your kids have any dental issues it is important to visit your dentist at the earliest. When it comes to the finest dental care in Dearborn, Michigan, you can rely on the services of Lakewood Dental Smile. Visiting the dentist regularly can help your child’s smile stay healthy all year long.